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Welcome to our updated website

For all those who have previously subscribed to our free course via email, or have been using the new web based course, you will find a completely new set of updated pages here.

To those who had originally subscribed via email; as you know we had been re-writing the entire course to be available on this website rather than being sent to you by links in emails over a period of time.

To those of you who have been using the website version, we have made some major changes and recommendations in our latest version of the website.

To those of you coming here for the first time, WELCOME!

The benefits enabling you to progress as quickly or as slowly as you prefer, and the latest version of the course always being online for you to check out updates in each of the modules are still in place. Due to the ever changing nature of the programs in which income can be earned on the web utilising a website for the course enables us to get the latest changes to all those interested in a more timely fashion.

The existing module scheme has been retained and is in the process of having every page updated. Those pages that are currently in re-write and as yet not available for publication on the web will be indicated as such. Until the new page is published here, your existing link for that particular module is still active.

This method of presenting the course will enable you to learn (and earn) at your own speed.

Now..... On with the Course!

This free internet income course is bought to you exclusively by The EDUCATOR

This course is provided on the premise that absolutely NO initial expenditure needs to be made. All you need is access to the Internet, and if you are reading this, then it looks like you already qualify. The only other thing that that you will need is TIME, time to follow the modules of the course as they are presented, TIME to work at the content of the modules and put what is contained within them into practice. Any expenditure that needs to be incurred will ALWAYS be made from income that you have previously earned by following the instructions within this course. Initially, you will NOT need any form of credit or debit card to participate in any of the modules within this course.

The course has been prepared as a series of modules, which you can proceed through at your own pace. Once you have successfully mastered and completed a module, you will be guided onto the next module. This means that your knowledge, and your ability to earn on the Internet, will happen at your own pace and within your own time constraints.

One thing that needs to be emphasised, this is in no way a "GET RICH QUICK" course. If you are looking for that, than there are plenty of "opportunities" out there on the net. These will in most cases be a either a waste of your time, or your money, if not both.

The course consists of 10 core modules with a number of optional modules which you may wish to complete based on your own personal preferences.

If you are willing to follow the modules presented, and are looking to earn a steady income over the long term, than click on the link provided below and you can commence your learning, and your earning, immediately.

First Module
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