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Module 101

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Starting Out

As we have already said, this course is provided on the premise that absolutely NO initial expenditure needs to be made by you. The only "expenditure" you will need to make is of your TIME. That is TIME to follow the modules of the course as they are presented. TIME to work at the content of the modules and put what is contained within them into practice.

You will NOT need any form of credit or debit card to participate in module 1 of this course, but, having said that, a later module within the course shows you how how to obtain either of these, as well as providing advice on obtaining banking facilities at an international level. These modules are highly recommended.

The course has been prepared as a series of self-learning modules, which you can proceed through at your own pace. Once you have successfully mastered and completed a module, you will be guided onto the next module.

This means that your knowledge, and your ability to earn an income on the Internet, will happen at your own pace and within your own time constraints.

This module covers the set up your basic earning programs. These will be used throughout the course to generate your basic income. If you have absolutely no income at the present than this module is of extreme importance to you. Those who have some form of income already coming in from sources external to the web are recommended to retain those sources. Initially you will be seeking to augment your existing income stream, with possibly the aim of generating all of your income from web sources. The web has levelled the playing field to a marked degree, such that anyone willing to work at the recommendations in our course may achieve anything over time.

Remember, it is up to you!

What you put into the course will be repaid many fold in the fullness of time.

Step 101.1:

Sign up for a brand new web based FREE email account. The reason for using a web based email account is that you can access the account easily from anywhere in the world. It is important that you do not use your existing email account as this means that everything that arrives in your new email account will relate to your new enterprise.

That's what this is, an enterprise, which in time will be earning you those few dollars extra that you need. Work your way through these modules and one day they will enable you to generate the bulk or all of your income by following the instructions provided. The amount you eventually earn will be up to you, all we can say is that the old truism applies "the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it".

There are any number of free web based email services available on the web and where you decide to setup your new account is up to you.

Three of the best known web based FREE email account services are:

Highly recommended, great SPAM control:
Click here to join GMail (curently 15GB storage for email plus 10GB for other Google items)
Recommended, although SPAM control is not as good:
Click here to join HotMail (15GB storage for free email, plus other options)
Click here to join Yahoo Mail! (1TB storage)

or you can check out this site for write up and comparison of most of the free web based email accounts available.

It would be best to avoid the following free web based email providers as they have been variously reported for bouncing emails, or other problems. This is by no means a complete list and some of these providers may no longer exist:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Plus there are many, many, more free providers out there.

Our Recommendation:
Stick with one of the big 3 above, and you cant go wrong!

Step 101.2:

Sign up for a FREE PayPal account.

PayPal is recommended as a starting out point for your financial account. This account will be used initially and throughout the course to collect your income. To obtain a free PayPal Account CLICK HERE. This page will show you many of the facilities available through PayPal but initially you will be signing up for a Personal Account by clicking on the "Sign Up Today" button at the bottom of this webpage.

This will direct you to the signup page, where you will select your country, and click on the "Get Started" button in the Personal Account panel on the left hand side of the webpage. Initially you will be using this account in its very basic mode for collecting funds raised by your efforts. As time progresses, you will be upgrading your account, but more on that later in the course. As PayPal is now available in over 190 countries you shouldn't have a problem in signing up for a PayPal account. If however your country is not available in PayPal, check out these alternative payment processors HERE.

This account will be used initially and throughout the course to collect your income.

Step 101.3:

Now its time to start earning your first income.

Sign up for any of the FREE survey programs on this site:


Participation in these programs will allow you to earn your first income. Most of these programs payout using PayPal but some may not. Also program's terms change over time and one that had paid out using PayPal may no longer do so and vice versa. Stay alert, read the terms and conditions, and stay abreast of any changes that may occur. This is good, sound advise for any and all activity that you will participate in online on the internet.

Step 101.4:

Remember to work these programs as often as you can, the more that you put into them, the more you will get out of them. Check out each program's rules and work them accordingly. Keep a careful eye on the way each program works as they tend to change, or the conditions can change, rather more frequently than we would prefer. We do not include specific instructions for the working of each program for this reason. The programs recommended in this module has been working in relatively the same mode for a period of time.

Once you have been using these programs for a little while, understand how they work, and (hopefully) have earned the first of your income, its time to move onto the next module of your course.

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